Pastoral Care Duties, Responsibilities and Areas Assignments

Pastoral Care Services

The Care Area Leaders and Assistants are responsible for providing pastoral care services to Calvary Revival Church (CRC) members in crisis.  CRC Members are assigned to these leaders based on the city and zip code in which they live.   In the event of birth, illness, or death these leaders are responsible for coordinating Meals, and Hospital/Home visitation.  Volunteer Meal Teams and Hospital Visitation Teams are assigned by city and zip codes to assist the care leaders in providing these services.   In the event that a need occurs, the CRC member should contact them immediately or call the Pastoral Care Office at (757) 321-9721.  Listed below are the assigned cities, zip codes and leader contact information.
Care Area Assignments


Zip Codes


Carrolton, Franklin, Portsmouth, Smithfield,

All Zip Codes

Care Area Leaders:
Deacons John (Juma) & Cheryl Randolph


23321, 23322, 23323

Care Area Leaders:
Deacons Nimrod & Susan Johnson

North Carolina

23320, 23324, 23325
(All Zip Codes in N.C.)

Care Area Leaders:
Deacons Raymond & Shenell White

Hampton, Newport News,

All Zip Codes

Care Area Leader Advisors:
Deacons Cliff & Alfreda Harris
Care Area Leaders:
Deacons  Wallace and Mary King


All Zip Codes

Care Area Leader Advisors:
Deacons William & Shirley Lashley 
Care Area Leaders:
Deacons  Juan & Eliza Aponte

Virginia Beach1

23451, 23453, 23456, 23457, 23459, 23460, 23461

Care Area Leaders:
Deacons Donald and Renee Hamlin

Virginia Beach2

23454, 23464

Care Area Leaders:
Minister  Junius and Deaconness  Jewel Moyler

Virginia Beach3

23452, 23455, 23462

Care Area Leaders:
Deacon Lewis and Shelia Green