Welcome To Growth Track

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We have always been a vision driven church. We have been extremely strategic in moving forward and reaching people with the gospel for nearly 30 years. Like most churches, what we have lacked is long term tactical plans that keep a church from evolving into a plethora of sometimes unrelated activity. The establishment of a simple but tactical mission statement will be revolutionary for us.

Our Vision

Building an overcoming church out of broken lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We exist to help people Know God, Live Generously, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.

These four areas encompass all that we believe a disciple of Christ should look like.

  1. Disciples know God personally thru salvation and are determined to know Him better through His Word, prayer and living it out in Community.
  2. Disciples live Generously by giving themselves to care for others and give their life as a resource in the Kingdom.
  3. Disciples are determined to discover Purpose and live out that purpose.
  4. Disciples ultimately touch other lives and make a Difference in the world.

Connecting The Dots

Know God – our Weekend Services are the primary channel for introducing people to our God and getting them started in spiritual formation.

Live Generously – our Small Groups (Connect Groups) will Connect people to an opportunity to love others, pray for others and care for others. This produces lives that are generous.

Discover Purpose – our Growth Track facilitates people discovering their place in our church, their gifts and talents and their passion. Church membership happens easily the first day of Growth Track but our focus is on finding your purpose in life not just the Church.

Make a Difference – our Dream Teams or volunteer opportunities provide a practical way for people to make a difference in the Kingdom/Church and in the world.

Growth Track Simplicity

First Weekend – PARTNERSHIP
People hear the vision, our beliefs, commit to our covenant of membership.

People take the gift analysis and personality tests and start to understand how God created them for a purpose.

Third Weekend – LEADERSHIP
People are taught the qualities of leadership and begin to understand their own potential to lead. We immediately stop producing subordinates and followers and we start producing leaders!

Fourth Weekend – FIND A TEAM
People start choosing Dream Teams , getting interviewed and initiate training to serve. So by the time people complete Growth Track they are in a ministry.

This happens after each service, the same way every month and suddenly everyone in church now knows how to connect with the church and everyone easily understands the Next Steps. So unchurched and unsaved people can come in and start growing right away.

Add to that a more effective website, an app that allows you to do almost anything from it including give, watch messages, join a team, join a small group and do devotions and BOOM- SIMPLICITY APPEARS.