Bishop B. Courtney and Pastor Janeen McBath
B. Courtney & Pastor Janeen McBath

About Our Pastors

Bishop B. Courtney and Pastor Janeen L. McBath serve as the senior founding pastor and co-pastor of Calvary Revival Church (CRC) in Norfolk, Virginia. For twenty eight years, they have provided vision and quality leadership for this growing assembly.

Serving as an advisor to CRC’s Counseling, Prayer, and Praise, Worship & Arts ministries, Pastor Janeen owns and operates two businesses, which finance a variety of outreach efforts—including her brain-child, the House of Esther, a home for unwed mothers that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care for pregnant teenagers.

In addition to serving as CRC’s senior pastor, Bishop McBath serves as the presiding bishop of Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries, an umbrella organization for ministries located throughout the United States and abroad. In his oversight role, Bishop McBath provides guidance, leadership training, and opportunities for accountability to affiliated ministries in the U.S., Africa, India, China, and elsewhere.

Together the McBaths have served the body of Christ for more than thirty five years with combined educational achievements that include business, engineering, and theology degrees. They have been married over 37 years; have four sons, a daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.