30 For 30: Dry Bones




Welcome to Calvary Revival Church’s 30th Anniversary Conference! We encourage our church family and friends, old and new, to not only register + stream all of our FREE sessions, but to also watch our sessions via live video chat with other friends + families of CRC by clicking our Watch With Friends option! By watching with friends, you agree to be viewed with others and to be recorded in a live session for the purposes of producing our DRY BONES DOCUMENTARY. By clicking, you agree to release your likeness to Calvary Revival Church and waive all interests in the footage taken of you. Please note that our Watch With Friends rooms are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Most sessions will have (2) Watch With Friends room options. If the first room is full, please use the second. We can’t wait to worship + celebrate 30 years of ministry with your beautiful faces! Welcome to Dry Bones Conference… welcome to the story!