Let’s Do Life Together!

We know that relationships are an important part of our faith. It is within the context of relationships that we live out what we learn in the Bible to become Disciples of Christ. When you join a CRC Life Group, you are giving yourself an opportunity to be a part of a small group of like-minded individuals, who are serious about practicing spirituals habits in an environment that makes a large church seem small.

You may join a Life Group at anytime.  Registration is open throughout the year.  Open sessions are as follows:

February 4 – March 16
April 9 – May 19
June 11 – July 21
September 3 – October 13
November 5 – December 15

The Right Group for You

Our Life Groups consists of up to no more than 15 attendees who meet on a regular basis in someone’s home, at the church or other locations for 6 week semesters. Beginning in the Fall, you will meet on a regular basis to discuss weekly topics, study the bible and pray for one another.

When determining what group is best for you, take the following in consideration:

TIME: Look for dates and times that are suitable for your schedule.

LOCATION: You will have the opportunity to select a group that meets near your home or work, based on the zip code options available.

DEMOGRAPHIC: Most groups are open to everyone; however there are a few that are targeted to a specific age demographic. In addition, there are some locations that will let you bring your children, while others give you an opportunity to have a night away!

Interested in Becoming a Life Group Leader?

All Life Group Leaders, Apprentice, and Host are required to attend the Life Group Refresher and Training sessions.  This Life Group Training is offered twice per year on March 25th and July 29th at 10:00am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Leading a Life Group is a great next step in becoming like Jesus. If you are interested in facilitating a Life Group, please fill out interest application.

Need more information regarding Life Groups, please do not hesitate to contact us lifegroups@crcglobal.org or call the Pastoral Care Office at 321-9721.