Live Generously: Connect Groups Overview

Our Vision

Building an overcoming church out of broken lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We exist to help people Know God, Live Generously, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.

These four areas encompass all that we believe a disciple of Christ should look like.

  1. Disciples Know God personally thru salvation and are determined to know Him better through His Word, prayer and living it out in Community.
  2. Disciples *Live Generously by giving themselves to care for others and giving their lives as a resource in the Kingdom.
  3. Disciples are determined to Discover Purpose and live out that purpose.
  4. Disciples ultimately touch other lives and Make a Difference in the world.

*Live Generously – Our Connect Groups connect people to an opportunity to love people, listen to people, care for people and pray for people. When these four actions are practiced simultaneously it helps us develop the fruit of generosity.

WHAT and WHERE: CRC’s mission statement is primarily lived out through our Connect Groups. Connect Groups are CRC’s name for our small groups. They have replaced the previous version of small groups. Connect Groups are affinity-based and operate using a free-market approach. This means that Connect Groups can be formed by anyone, anywhere, based on their interests, talents, hobbies, etc. Connect Groups are held during the week at homes, coffee houses, libraries, or any available space where the Connect Group is comfortable gathering.

WHEN: Connect Groups operate on a seasonal calendar (Fall, Winter/ Spring, Summer). Go to the Connect Groups Directory to see a full listing of days, times, & locations.

WHO: Connect Groups are open to anyone. You do not have to be a part of CRC to join a Connect Group. We highly encourage Connect Groups to invite their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others to participate in their Connect Group!

For more information about Connect Groups please email or call 757-321-3012.

Connect Groups – FAQs

A Connect Group Directory will be available on the CRC website, & app. The Connect Group Directory will list type, time, date, and contact information for every Connect Group.

The difference is the focus of these Connect Groups will always be on moving people to the “next step” – baptism, Growth Track, Dream Team, etc.

No, you can continue Knowing God through our weekend services, or begin to Discover Purpose in our Growth Track, or even join our Dream Team and begin Making A Difference…the choice is yours!

Pretty much any type that you would like to join or create! CRC’s Connect Groups are affinity based, using a free-market approach, which means that you are free to create a Connect Group around whatever you enjoy doing with other people. We do offer some specific Connect Groups for our major life areas here at CRC (Men, Women, Students, Marriage & Family, Prayer, etc.).

We value your time, so most Connect Groups run for about 1 hour. Connect Group seasons will generally last for 13 weeks in the Fall, 13 weeks in the Winter/Spring and 6 weeks in the Summer.

No, you can come to any Connect Group without being a member of CRC.

Some Connect Groups may provide childcare, others may not. You will need to check the Connect Groups Directory or contact the leader of the Connect Group that you are interested in participating in to find out if childcare is offered.

We highly encourage building a rock-solid sense of community with your Connect Group members! And we also want you to develop that type of community within other Connect Groups, so we would love it if you changed Connect Groups every now and then.

Yes, in fact, that’s the whole purpose for our Connect Groups: to invite people to come together in a place where they can be LOVED, be LISTENED to, be CARED for, and be PRAYED for.

Connect Groups help to fulfill the mission of CRC by creating places for us to Live Generously by giving ourselves to care for others and giving our lives as a resource in the Kingdom.