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  1. Manage/Oversee the Day to Day duties of the Food Pantry
    • Scheduling the Deliveries and shopping appointments at the food bank
    • Shopping at the Food Bank / conducting inventory
    • Retail Rescue pickups and Senior Deliveries
    • Managing the Volunteers who assist in the Food Pantry
    • Covering the 3 Saturdays we Feed the City (FTC) (can rotate with other pt person)
    • Putting together homie bags
    • Doing reports to Food Bank
    • Assisting with organizing and planning the FTC Thanksgiving Event
    • Ensuring that the information on website is up to date (reading over and getting updated info to the Creative IT team)
  1. Other duties as assigned
    • Assisting with our annual Summer Homies Festival of Resources and the Toast-Rooftop party
    • Community Engagement activities to promote RCOV
    • Tabling at events
    • Assist with the Ma$ters Program
    • The 5 month program
    • Wrap Around Services
    • Ma$ter your Money Mondays
    • MYM seminars
    • Overcomers Scholarship
  1. Administrative duties
    • Assist with written communications that may need to be disseminated
    • Revive Newsletter
    • Research Partnership and Grant opportunities
    • Schedule and lead Food Pantry volunteer meetings
  1. Hours subject to change during peak times.
    • Estimated 18-29 HOURS PER WEEK