03.29.20 Announcements

Welcome Family! We are so glad that you decided to link up and worship with us. On behalf of Bishop & Pastor Janeen, we pray that you and your family are well during this time. And we would like to extend a WARM welcome to all of our visitors!

Quick reminder to our parents…while you enjoy this message from Bishop, you can send your little ones over to the CRC App so that they enjoy an amazing lesson catered just for them.

Thank you to all of our partners who have continued to sow seeds and volunteer during these trying times. Your generous giving has allowed us to care for others who have been heavily impacted. And if you know anyone that is need of a meal or groceries, please invite them to our Food Pantry on Fridays, right here at Calvary Revival Church. For those of you that would like to help out beyond finances, shoot over to our Food Pantry web page and submit your contact information so that we can get you plugged in to assist our REACH team.

It’s Step 3 of Growth Track! Here we get to strengthen our character and gifting to fulfill our leadership potential. At the end of the message, Bishop will explain more on how you those of you looking to join the CRC Family can participate digitally.

For all COVID-19 updates and ways to stay connected to CRC, visit our website, check out our CRC APP or follow us on all social media platforms @CRCNORFOLK. Now prepare your hearts and minds to hear the word God has prepared for us. Have a great day!

To stay up to date on all events and announcements, log on to our website or you can check us out on all social media platforms @CRCNORFOLK now including YOUTUBE where you can watch Bishop’s Messages and videos from CRC. If you’re a visitor or have questions about next steps available at Calvary feel free to see one of our Welcome Team members at front after service.